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Can I hire an office sitter to come to my job?

Of course! We recommend that you inform your employer that an Office Sitter will be on the premises.

Where will My Office Sitter provide childcare?

Your Office Sitter can provide care in a conference room or spare room on the premises. The room must be in close proximity to a restroom, and must have tables and chairs. For infant care, the room must contain a refrigerator and bottle warmer.

How much space is needed for childcare?

The space requirement is 45 sqft per child and Sitter.

How will My Office Sitter entertain my child?

Our sitters will bring age appropriate games and art & crafts to keep your little ones entertain for hours.

Will My Office Sitter assist my child with homework?

Yes, all or our sitters are educators, free lance babysitters, early childhood educators, tutors, and mentors. Just inform your sitter that homework needs to be completed.

How far in advance should I need to book?

We recommend that you submit an inquiry for your sitter at least 48 hours in advance or as earliest as possible to secure your slot.

Can I visit my child throughout the day?

Yes. This is one of the great things about our unique childcare service. Parents are able to visit their child whenever they can.

Will My Office Sitter provide food or snacks?

We encourage parents to bring snacks, meals and beverages for their child. Parents can even take their child out for lunch on their lunch break. does not provide food.

My child will need to take a nap. How does that work?

We will set at to for what we call "quite time" this is when childcare can calm down and relax. We recommend parents to bring a sleeping mat or a sleeping bag.

I work remotely. Can I hire an Office sitter to provide service at my home?

Yes. You can hire an office sitter while working remotely. Home office childcare is limited to 4 hours per day.

What are your service areas?

We provide services for Atlanta and the surrounding cities up to 40 miles from the city limit.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my booking?

We do not provide refunds for cancellations. Parents will receive a credit to use at a later date.

What is your booking process?

First, you will need to fill out an inquiry by clicking the button "Book you office sitter!". A company representative will then contact you with an hour to confirm your childcare needs.


Can I tip My Office Sitter?

Yes, gratuity is encouraged by not required. If you decide to tip your sitter please us cash only. 

Can I hire Office Sitters for my company's holiday party or event? do not provide childcare for events. Please contact our sister company GO-TAB Luxury Event Childcare at or call 1-800-916-5792.

I am an employer and I want to host a kids camp. What do I need to do?

Please contact our office to customize a kids camp. This is a great option for your employees during spring break, winter break and summer break. Your employees will be stress free knowing that their kids are will taken care of just a few steps away.

Kids in Art Class


Office Kid's



Our Office Kid's Camp was designed so that parents can bring their children to work during those long school breaks

      Our Camps consist of..

  • Kids Yoga

  • Fashion design


  • Fun in house field-trips

  • Virtual learning assistance 

  • And More 

Art Fun